ResponseTek Telco - Programme Manager and Authorized Contacts 


This article explains the role and of a Programme Manager and the authorized contacts in ResponseTek Telco. We have also provided the list of changes that they can request on behalf of the organization.



What is a Programme Manager?

A Programme Manager (PM) is a person that manages the ResponseTek application at your company. They are the administrators that can create users, reset passwords, unlock user accounts and grant user access permissions, either at the solution level or at the hierarchy level. They have the access, expertise, clearance, and proximity to the end-users, allowing for immediate response.

Authorized Contacts

Please note that we keep an internal list of Authorized Contacts (AC) provided by our clients, being the Programme Manager(s) the first authorized of contact(s). Usually, members of the client’s IT Team are also authorized contacts.

List of Changes

Here is a list of changes that are only available to Authorized Contacts (AC):

  • Request new user(s) account(s).
  • Disable/re-enable users.
  • Whitelisting changes.
  • Change/Increase limits.
  • Hierarchy restriction changes.
  • Solution restriction changes.
  • Email alerting changes.
  • Administrative tasks that are either too complex or unable to do using the tools available to them.

Additional Info

  • If you require a change to your user account, increase or change your account restrictions or to recover a long-unused account (a security feature automatically gets those disabled), you will need to reach out to an authorized contact at your company.
  • If you have trouble finding your Programme Manager (PM) or Authorized Contact (AC), you can initiate a request via using your company e-mail and username, so we can provide you with the necessary information.

Info! Only the Authorized Contacts have clearance to request changes into the system.

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