Buzz Tracker 

What is it? 

Buzz Tracker is a text analytics tool that allows users to view and analyze hundreds of thousands of customer comments across every touch-point.

Who will use it? 

Agent, Admin, and End User

How is it used?

Buzz Tracker Capabilities

  • Flexibility to monitor any number of relevant Topics specific to your organization
  • The ability to self-manage Topics to monitor
  • The ability to analyze across languages
  • Refinements to the Topics are reflected immediately within reporting, including historical verbatims.
  • User access control to limit access to the report

The Buzz Tracker page needs to be enabled first. To make this portal enabled for any user below tag settings needs to be defined under reports-161 tab. These tags can be defined on User, Role and Enterprise level:

Preview of Buzz Tracker in eManager 

The access point for this page can be found under the tools menu in e-Manager application after making the necessary settings.

Click the Buzz Tracker item under Reports > Brand Insights menu; this will open a new tab in the browser for Buzz tracker.


Buzz Tracker Provides at Glance Information on: 

  • Survey scores for that Topic
  • % of customers mentioning a topic
  • A rate of change of customer mentions
  • A user can self-select and save three different topics for their dashboard
  • Topic report let designed to be incorporated into other dashboards


How we analyze topics 

  • For each Topic, we analyze two key quantitative attributes:
  1. The number of customers mentioning the Topic.
  2. The Experience Score for all customers mentioning Topic.


  • To provide a comparative aspect of what may be a “hot” topic area, we also analyze:
  1. Whether each metric is increasing or decreasing.
  2. Whether the Score for each Topic is above or below the “average” customer experience score in the selected set of survey responses.


Detailed Analytics on Each Topic