Assigned Actions Are Missing from the Action List 


When using the ResponseTek portal, a given action was assigned to your account, but when looking at the action list, the action item is missing:


To learn more about this issue and how to address it, continue reading through the following sections.


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The Action Tab shows the alert dot and it even lists the new actions in the dropdown menu. This tells you that an action item is assigned.



You can even locate the action when reaching the affected response: 


We can see the action assigned to it:


But the action item is just not showing up on the Actions list.


Root Cause

The Actions list is not filtered according to the time that the action was created.

One of the things we tend to overlook when working with the actions list is that those are filtered by the time the action was created:


And this date is the parameter that the timeframe range uses to list the action. So, if the action date is outside the timeframe of the eManager, the action list will simply not display the action.



In a nutshell, you just need to expand the timeframe range until the action is listed. 


Keep in mind that the time frame filter might take time to load, so start with a small interval and increase until the missing action is displayed in the action list.



Remember!  The timeframe range should cover the time when the action was created, not the response time nor the invitation’s interaction time. This is a common misinterpretation of the tool that causes many users to report missing actions at times. 


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