ResponseTek V1.2.8.8 Release Notes 

Release Overview

Release V1.2.8.8, dated November 2019, focuses on the incorporation of two new features, fixes for twelve reported Customer Defects, and five Security Fixes.


New Features

  1. Authentication: Passwords may now be reset through registered email addresses.
  2. Server Manager: Custom File Import is now available.

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Customer-Reported Defect Fixes

  1. RESPTK-26479: Fixed a bug that was causing a failure to receive a response from SMS surveys.
  2. RESPTK-25999: Fixed a bug that was showing a false alert in file import disposition reports as "These records were not processed due to an expected event."
  3. RESPTK-26027: Fixed a bug in the Reporting Portal, which was preventing the use of special characters in Bookmark names.
  4. RESPTK-24236: Fixed a bug in the SMSInvitationProcessor service that was failing, in some cases, to process the invites.
  5. RESPTK-4438: Fixed an issue with the SmsTesting plugin not supporting SMS-to-web collections.
  6. RESPTK-25994: Fixed an issue with the "print" option on Response Details not working.
  7. RESPTK-28005: Fixed a false-positive notification alert that was triggered by allowing keyword configuration to accept regular expressions.
  8. RESPTK-29013: Fixed an issue that was preventing the randomization of matrix questions only in Advanced UI.
  9. RESPTK-29032: Fixed an issue that was causing delays when typing into comment fields in Advanced UI web surveys.
  10. RESPTK-27323: Fixed an issue that was causing the Transceiver service to stop delivering SMS messages.
  11. RESPTK-29052: Fixed an issue that was causing the SMS Opt-outs to fail to work for clients using the OpenMarket gateway.
  12. RESPTK-10931: Fixed an issue that was causing the SMS Preview utility not to display previews if the first question was rotating.

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Security and Vulnerability Fixes

  1. RESPTK-26412: Reporting Portal Search functionality was enhanced to allow more configuration to be added for filtering, column list, and search results.
  2. RESPTK-20739: Fixed an issue found during penetration tests related to exposing the application server IP address.
  3. RESPTK-20552: Fixed a vulnerability issue found during penetration tests related to CSRF attacks against the Login action.
  4. RESPTK-20638: Fixed an issue found during penetration tests related to reporting actions that are vulnerable to XSS attacks.
  5. RESPTK-20742: An issue that was revealing the information of servers is fixed.

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